Known for manufacturing Korea’s first forklift in 1968, Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle has secured its place as the country’s top logistics equipment manufacturer. It has not been displaced from the top place in the Korean forklift market by any competitor so far thanks to the superior durability and performance of its products. The company is also known as a global logistics equipment manufacturer with global-top forklift design capability, further confirming its reputation with victory in two of the top three design awards, the Red Dot Design Award and the if Design Award in 2011 for the CF, a futuristic forklift concept.


Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle reduces inventory and supplies products faster and is in the process of coming up with a 2nd launch to create a brand that can be a top brand.

Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle REMAINS committed to innovation, the advancement of new technologies and development of talented individuals, positioning us to respond effectively to the rapid changes in the Market.
WE ARE committed to our customers, providing superior products and excellent services to go with them.
OUR PROMISE: Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle will be the partner you can count on, always putting our commitment to customers first.

Carrying out world best quality that inspires customers

Doosan continues to invest strongly in R&D each year to develop products that meet our customers’ expectations. We produce only quality-assured products which have gone through rigourous testing and reliability evaluations carried out at our Reliability Centre. In order to realize the best possible quality for the highest customer satisfaction, Doosan has established the ISO9001 Quality Management System to execute strict, customer-oriented quality management policies. We carry out various processes to reinforce our product and management quality, such as training, ISO Certification and system audits.

Quality innovation projects are being held in Korea and abroad to support the vision of achieving the status of Global Top 5 industry player. Since our launch of Doosan brand in 2005, we have initiated management innovation across all of our management fields and some impressive results have been achieved in quality, production, purchasing, R&D and other operations. Doosan is continuously carrying out quality innovation projects in all domestic and international locations to support its vision of becoming one of the top five global companies in the infrastructure support industry.

Certified Quality Management System

Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle has improved and supplemented the existing Total Quality Control System and re-established it into the ISO 9000s Quality Management System. As a result, our domestic and overseas facilities, as well as 320 vendors, have all acquired ISO 9000s QM Quality Management System certification. Doosan will continue to carry out various guidance and support policies to promote the certification of vendors.